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Effective Bankruptcy & Real Estate Law Services

Break free of burdensome debts with bankruptcy law services from our attorney in Staten Island, New York. Representing bankruptcy clients for more than 25 years, Joseph A D'Amico Esquire provides quality and affordable legal services that accommodate your specific needs.

Distressed Woman - Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. If Mr. D'Amico believes other options are in your best interest, he will discuss them with you. Bankruptcy may, however, be an action to consider if you are experiencing:

• Stress Caused by Monthly Bills

• Difficulty Making Monthly Payments

• Constant Worrying & Sleepless Nights

• Constant & Relentless Mailings & Telephone Harassment from Collection Companies

• Summonses from Creditors' Attorneys

Bankruptcy Facts

• Bankruptcy discharges most (not all) of your unsecured debt.

• The majority of clients keep most of their assets, including homes, leased vehicles, financed vehicles,
  pensions, and retirement funds.

• The court does not notify your employer.

• In most instances, only one court appearance is necessary, and the case is heard by a trustee/attorney – not
  a judge.

• The case is usually finalized (discharged) within six months of the filing date.

• You can start rebuilding your credit once you are discharged.

Why Choose Me?


• I spend a great deal of time with my clients.

• I am easy going and will put you at ease.

• All aspects of your case are handled by me and not a paralegal.

• I intimately know your concerns, your special circumstances and the intricacies of your case.

• I personally prepare you for your hearing and make it as stress free as possible.

• I attend the Court hearing with you. I do not send other attorneys to appear for me.I am with you all the way.

• I have been representing bankruptcy clients for over 25 years.

• I have EVENING appointments (and in some instances Saturdays).

• I don't have to be paid in full up front. PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE.

• I realize that you have other bills that must be paid each month and you still have to live.

 The foregoing is intended to be a general overview and does not constitute leagl advice, moreover, no attorney-client relationship is intended or created by this website.

Make a fresh start financially with bankruptcy law services from Joseph A D'Amico Esquire.